About Us
Soltec in a modern and dynamically developing company, which for years has been developing methods of effective obtaining energy from renewable sources. We provide our clients and business partners with professional support at every stage of the implementation of photovoltaic installations – from selecting the devices, through the design and assembly to comprehensive post-purchase service.

We are the official representative, distributor and service technician of Steca Elektronik in Poland as well as a distributor of VictronEnergy products. Our offer includes photovoltaic modules i.a.: Sharp, Amerisolar, First Solar, CelLine, Bosch, Kyocera, Suntech, JA Solar, Sunlink, Selfa, solar panels, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic inverters and all the accessories necessary for the construction and installation of a complete photovoltaic system.

We treat each order individually by adjusting the design to the needs and expectations of the client, as well as the technical conditions in the buildings our installations will work. Both individual clients and institutions benefit from our services.

Why do customers choose Soltec?

  • Comprehensives
    We offer complex service – from designing the installation accordingly to client’s needs and expectations, through professional assembly and regular maintenance
  • Knowledge and Experience
    We base our work on the knowledge and experience gained over the years of working in the field of renewable energy. Thanks to this we can design and assembly each installation in such a way that it is effective, as well as easy and inexpensive in usage.
  • Reliability
    In our installations we use only high quality components from reliable producers. It gives our clients warranty of durability and flawlessness of our installations for a long time.


Soltec is a certified distributor of Steca’s photovoltaic solutions that can work both in power grid and in off-grid systems.