SofarSolar AMASS 2.4kWh ME3000SP 3kW 1F

Energy storage SofarSolar AMASS 2.4 kWh + ME3000SP 3 kW, 1F

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SofarSolar AMASS 2.4kWh ME3000SP 3kW 1FSofarSolar AMASS 2.4kWh ME3000SP 3kW 1Fzł12,702.83

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Energy storage Sofar AMASS GTX 2.4 kWh + ME3000SP 3 kW, single-phase

The SofarSolar energy storage kit with Amass battery is a complete Plug & Play solution for expanding an existing photovoltaic installation.

It’s perfect for:

  • Existing photovoltaic installations, for people who are looking for new opportunities to expand their system with energy storage.
  • People who need a complete solution without complicated installation.
  • Places with frequent power outages. It ensures continuous operation thanks to the EPS function.
  • Owners of electric or hybrid cars.
  • People who want to increase self-consumption of energy from their own photovoltaic installation.

User benefits:

The SofarSolar energy storage kit allows you to maximize the use of the energy produced from your PV installation. By using the AMASS series batteries, there is no need to send 100% of the surplus energy produced to the grid. The recorded temporary excess energy produced is stored in batteries and used in moments of increased energy demand (e.g. at night, on cloudy days, or in early morning).


It is possible to specify any period of time during the week when the user can charge the batteries to a specific level (e.g., every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 80%). This is possible regardless of the energy storage mode.

Thanks to the Emergency Power Supply function, in case of loss of the primary power supply from the public grid, the SofarSolar set provides backup power to loads or off-grid operation.

The SofarSolar energy storage system can be expanded with additional batteries—up to 4 AMASS series GTX battery modules in one system.

Features of included devices*:

  • Energy Storage.
  • Emergency Power Supply (EPS): island  operation in the event of a mains power failure. Switch-on time of less than 3 ms.
  • Monitoring: remote access to the unit’s operating parameters using a mobile application.

Set features*:

  • Easy to connect to an existing PV installation - Installation of a SofarSolar energy storage system should not be a challenge for the installer.
  • Power safety: Emergency Power Supply function.
  • Longer battery life: Multi-stage energy management system.
  • Convenient operation: one-button startup.
  • Convenient modular installation: ultra-thin enclosure allows up to 4 batteries to be hung on a single wall.


The solution, consisting of a SofarSolar inverter and AMASS batteries, is covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Composition of the set Energy storage Sofar AMASS GTX 2.4 kWh + ME3000SP 3 kW, 1F**

  • 1 x Sofar HYD3000Sp
  • 1 x Sofar Amass GTX2000 2.4 kWh battery
  • 1 x Cable kit for Amass batteries

Example of how to connect the kit:


* The kit does not include photovoltaic modules or a photovoltaic inverter.

** Remember to select DC/AC switchgear protection.



Power [W]
Product warranty
10 years
Nominal battery voltage [V]
Feed-in phases
Cycle life
Design life
10 lat
up to 4 units
EPS rated power [VA]
Usable battery capacity [kWh]
Weight of the inverter [kg]
Battery weight [kg]
Inverter dimensions [mm]
360 x 530 x 173
Battery dimensions [mm] - 1 piece
450 x 640 x 95