Energy storage BYD 5.1 kWh Kostal 5.5 kW 3F

Energy storage BYD 5.1 kWh + Kostal 5.5 kW, 3F

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Energy storage BYD 5.1 kWh Kostal 5.5 kW 3FEnergy storage BYD 5.1 kWh Kostal 5.5 kW 3Fzł41,198.85

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Energy storage BYD 5.1 kWh + Kostal 5.5 kW, three-phase

The Kostal Plenticore inverter and BYD Battery Box Premium HVS kit is a complete energy storage solution that provides greater savings and great flexibility in planning your PV installation. The kit incorporates innovative technologies from Kostal and BYD.

It’s perfect for:

  • People planning to install photovoltaic systems.
  • Those looking to integrate energy storages with Smart Home system. 
  • Photovoltaic installations on folded roofs.
  • Those who plan to increase self-consumption of energy and do not have problems with interruptions in energy supply from the mains. 
  • Owners of electric or hybrid cars.

User benefits:

The Kostal Plenticore Plus inverter combined with a BYD battery pack achieves top positions in efficiency ratings for photovoltaic systems combined with energy storage. Among other things, the solution proved itself in a test performed in 2020 by HTW Berlin.

The Plenticore Plus inverter provides simultaneous management of the photovoltaic system, battery, and the selected home appliance (e.g., a heat pump or car charger). This eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment for the inverter. 

It is possible to specify any period of time during the week when the user can charge the batteries to a specific level (e.g., every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 80%). This is possible regardless of the energy storage mode.

A great advantage of the BYD HVS energy storage is that it can be easily expanded with additional battery modules. One battery can consist of 3 sets of 5 battery modules each. The manufacturer declares the possibility of adding another battery module after any period of operation of the existing system.

Features of included devices*:

  • Energy Storage.
  • Possibility of charging electric cars directly from the installation.
  • Intelligent shadow management.
  • Self-consumption control function.

Set features*:

  • Flexibility: An inverter with three MPPTs will be suitable for almost all roof types. One of the inputs is dedicated to connecting the energy storage battery.
  • Efficient installation yield: the inverter is equipped with a fast, self-learning shadow management algorithm that individually adjusts to site conditions.
  • Intuitive installation and configuration: helpful start-up wizard.
  • Safe installation: separate clear connection area and protected power electronics.
  • Works with Smart Home systems: EEBUS and SunSpec interfaces.


10-year warranty on the BYD – HVS storage and 5-year (2 years + 3 years after registration on the manufacturer's website) warranty on the Kostal Plenticore Plus inverter.

The Energy Storage launch code for purchase can be found at

Composition of the set Energy storage BYD 5.1 kWh + Kostal 5.5 kW, 3F**

  • 1 x Kostal PLENTICORE plus 5.5 kW
  • 1 x BYD Battery Box Premium HVS 5.1 kWh
  • 1 x A set of cables for batteries
  • 1 x KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

Example of how to connect the kit:


* The kit does not include photovoltaic modules.

** Remember to select DC/AC switchgear protection.

HYBR 5,5KW 3F 5,1KWH


Power [W]
Max. voltage [V]
Max. MPPT voltage [V]
Min. MPPT voltage [V]
Nominal battery voltage [V]
Feed-in phases
Number of MPPT inputs
Design life
10 lat
up to 15 units
Usable battery capacity [kWh]
Weight of the inverter [kg]
Battery weight [kg]
Inverter dimensions [mm]
405 x 563 x 233
Battery dimensions [mm] - 1 piece
585 x 712 x 298