Ex9EVC charging cable for electric cars 11 kW 32A Type 2 Noark

  • Installation directly on the wall
  • Integrated Type B Residual Current Device (Ex9LB63)
  • Information on settings and usage can be found in the manual available in the Attachments tab

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Ex9EVC charging cable for electric cars 11 kW 32A Type 2 NoarkEx9EVC charging cable for electric cars 11 kW 32A Type 2 Noarkzł3,985.20

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Ex9EVC charging cable for electric cars is the answer to the needs of customers looking for mobile solutions for charging their EVs. All you need to replenish the energy is a mains plug. Perfect as an additional charger or replacement for the main charger if you don’t want a wall-box. The charging power of this device is 11 kW. You can set the charging current before connecting the car, which allows you to configure the charging time and control power consumption.

The battery in EVs runs on direct current and leakage can occur. The charging cables are protected against, surges and voltage drops, and allow you to monitor the temperature and condition of your device before charging. In addition, to increase the level of security, a type B residual-current circuit breaker is used to detect direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), and high-frequency pulsed current leakage.

The kit includes a 5 m connection cable with a type 2 plug for hassle-free connection of the electric car charger.



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