Phoenix 1000 V surge arrester type 1+2

Phoenix 1000 V surge arrester type 1+2

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Phoenix 1000 V surge arrester type 1+2Phoenix 1000 V surge arrester type 1+2zł581.18

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Phoenix 1000 V surge arrester type 1+2

Surge arrester for 2-pin insulated DC 1000 V systems, for mounting on a support rail, 3-pin base with remote signalling contact, three plug-in protection components with thermal control, status message on each plug.

Distinguishing features of the product:

  • Increased safety through the use of EN 50539-11
  • Safe contact thanks to integrated swivel bolt
  • Easy replacement thanks to plug-in stops
  • Optimal protection of the charger due to low protection level
  • Intentional replacement of damaged plugs thanks to the optical status indicator
  • Protection against accidental plugging in by coded plugs and bases
  • Always the right stop thanks to the universally used type 1/type 2 protection components


DC protection
DC overvoltage limiter
Width - number of modules
Max. voltage [V]
Dimensions [mm]
89.8 x 53.4 x 65.7