NOARK 4P 25 A 300 mA typ A residual-current circuit breaker

Wyłącznik różnicowoprądowy NOARK 4P 25 A 100 mA typ A

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NOARK 4P 25 A 300 mA typ A residual-current circuit breakerNOARK 4P 25 A 300 mA typ A residual-current circuit breakerzł208.49

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NOARK 4P 25 A 300 mA typ A residual-current circuit breaker

The Ex9L-N residual-current circuit breakers are mainly designed for domestic applications. They are based on the permanent magnet principle. They provide the advantage of a voltage-independent function. The appropriate voltage is only necessary when testing the RCCB using the T test button. Magnetic residual-current circuit breakers should be tested regularly over one month. The 6 kA variant of the Ex9L-N residual-current circuit breaker is mainly designed for low-demand applications, such as basic protection in domestic installations. 

Distinguishing features of the product:

  Residual-current circuit breakers according to IEC/EN 61008-1

  Rated conditional short-circuit current Inc 6 kA

  4 poles

  Rated residual current 300 mA

  Rated current up to 25 A

  Rated operating voltage 230/400 V AC

  Types AC, A, G, G+A, S, and S+A

  Electrical trip signalling

  Designed for applications from -25°C to 60°C



AC protection
Residual current circuit breaker
Width - number of modules
Max. voltage [V]
Max. current [A]
Feed-in phases
Rated residual current
Dimensions [mm]
72 x 88 x 79