2Z 1R red surface-mounted fire button

2Z 1R red surface-mounted fire button

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2Z 1R red surface-mounted fire button2Z 1R red surface-mounted fire buttonzł166.05

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2Z 1R red surface-mounted fire button

The OP1 manual call point is designed for use in industrial public spaces. It comes in two versions: flush and surface-mounted. Each version is offered in two types: A and B.

In an emergency situation, OP1 type A requires only breaking the glass, which releases the button. In OP1 type B, after breaking the glass, press the button with automatic return. Three switches SP22-10 (NO) or SP22-01 (NC) can be installed in each enclosure. Additionally, each version can be equipped with a diode, which can be connected to a switch or directly to the alarm system of a given building.

The signal is tripped and sent either by breaking the glass (type A) or after breaking the glass and pressing the automatic-return button (type B). Alarm status is cancelled by replacing the fragile element (glass—product order No. PPOŻ-5701).



AC protection
Fire button
Dimensions [mm]
113 x 113 x 52