NOARK 2P AC 20 kA 1F surge arrester

NOARK 2P AC 20 kA 1F surge arrester

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NOARK 2P AC 20 kA 1F surge arresterNOARK 2P AC 20 kA 1F surge arresterzł239.85

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NOARK 2P AC 20 kA 1F surge arrester 

This line of surge arresters is made up of class 2 devices. They are designed to protect against overvoltages caused by transient, fast switching operations or indirect lightning strikes.

It is recommended to install the devices at every 10–20 m of cable length, in main boards and switching substations. Ex9UE2 20 440 devices are designed to coordinate with class 1 of the Ex9UE1 35 line, in the case of Ex9UE2 20 275, the coordination with Ex9UE1 35 is done with a 10 m cable.

The design of Ex9UE2 arresters is based on varistor elements. It provides a low response time. The modular design with replaceable inserts allows for quick and easy replacement of functional modules in case of burnout, due to the frequent occurrence of surge peaks.

Distinguishing features of the product:

  Type 2 (Class II, T2, C)

  Tested according to 61643-11

  Continuous operating voltage (Uc) from 275 to 440 V AC

  1+0, 1+1, 2+0, 3+0, 3+1 and 4+0 connection versions

  Replaceable varistor insert

  Available with and without auxiliary contact

  Optical indicator of the varistor insert state



AC protection
AC surge arrester
Width - number of modules
Max. current [A]
Feed-in phases
Dimensions [mm]
95 x 80 x 40