DEHN DG M YPV 1200 FM surge arrester

DEHN DG M YPV 1200 FM surge arrester

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DEHN DG M YPV 1200 FM surge arresterDEHN DG M YPV 1200 FM surge arresterzł313.65

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DEHN DG M YPV 1200 FM surge arrester

The DEHN DG M YPV 1200 FM is a modular multipole surge arrester for photovoltaic installations with a remote signalling contact for the monitoring device (potential-free changeover contact). Devices are available for 1200 V and 1500 V.

The fault-tolerant Y-circuit with three high-capacity varistors prevents damage to surge protection devices in the event of an insulation failure in a photovoltaic generator circuit. 

As with all surge arresters in the DEHNguard modular family, the DEHNguard YPV modular arresters... FM include multifunctional terminals with standardized 1-module spacing for connecting cables and busbars, allowing easy wiring to other DIN rail-mounted devices.

Distinguishing features of the product:

  Complete device for photovoltaic systems

  Damage-resistant Y-circuit

  Tested according to EN 50539-11

  “Thermo Dynamic Control” disconnector

  Remote error indication

  Compliant with IEC 60364-7-712



DC protection
DC overvoltage limiter
Width - number of modules
Max. voltage [V]
Dimensions [mm]
110 x 190 x 60