PV NOARK 2P 30 A fuse base

PV NOARK 2P 30 A fuse base

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PV NOARK 2P 30 A fuse basePV NOARK 2P 30 A fuse basezł46.13

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PV NOARK 2P 30 A fuse base

Ex9FP fuse base for protecting the installation of series-connected panels (strings) in photovoltaic applications against overload and short circuit effects. Also suitable for standard DC applications up to a maximum voltage of 1000 V DC. Designed for cylindrical fuse links with a size of 10 x 38 mm.

Distinguishing features of the product:

  DC fuse base for photovoltaic applications

  Rated short-circuit switching capacity Icn with installed fuse link up to 33 kA

  Rated current 30 A

  Rated switching voltage 1000 V DC

  Optical operation indicator

  Fuse link size 10 x 38 mm

  Utilization category DC-20B



DC protection
Overcurrent fuse
Width - number of modules
Max. voltage [V]
Max. current [A]
Dimensions [mm]
36 x 83 x 80