PV 15 A cylindrical fuse link

PV 15 A 1000 V DC Mersen HP10M15 cylindrical fuse link

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PV 15 A cylindrical fuse linkPV 15 A cylindrical fuse linkzł20.30

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PV 15 A cylindrical fuse link

The Mersen HP10M photovoltaic fuses are a series designed to protect photovoltaic modules from back currents. The HP10M fuses are designed for a low switching capacity of 1.35 of rated current to safely break the circuit under typical low overload current of photovoltaic systems.

Overcurrent protection

PV systems consisting of three or more rows of solar panels connected in parallel must be protected in each row with a suitable gPV fuse. PV systems with less than 3 rows of solar panels do not generate such surges that could damage solar cables or panels. Usually 2 gPV fuses (+ and - poles) are used to protect against overcurrent in cables and solar panels in one row of solar panels. In case of damage, the fuses cut off the damaged row of solar panels. Other rows of PV panels can continue to generate electricity.



DC protection
Overcurrent fuse
Max. voltage [V]
Max. current [A]
Dimensions [mm]
10.4 x 38.1