Battery installations

Installations with battery storage are one of the most popular ways of obtaining electricity for buildings without access to the grid. The distinguishing feature of this type of PV installations is storage of the excess energy in batteries. The installations allow to choose the type of output current.

Battery installations are slightly more complex in construction than grid-connected installations. They consist of:

  • PV generator,
  • solar charge controller,
  • batteries,
  • mounting frame,
  • protections for DC,
  • inverter (an optional module).

For years Soltec has specialized in designing battery installations. Our solutions are used:

  • in buildings and installations without steady supply of electricity,
  • in installations requiring UPS,
  • in buildings exposed to temporary electricity outages,
  • in buildings deprived of the opportunity to resale electricity,
  • in buildings without access to the grid,
  • to provide electricity to camping,
  • in street lights.

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