Hybrid installations
Power generated by solar thermal collectors and actual power consumption never match. The result is feedback of power into the grid when excess power is generated, and consumption of power from the grid when power generation is insufficient. These transmissions of energy lead to increase of costs of ensuring stability of the grid as well as the installation itself.

Hybrid installations is an innovative solution enabling power storage in the installation which is powered by two sources of energy. This way excess power is sent back to the grid and shortages are compensated by additional source of energy such as the grit, power generator or wind plant.

Because of their function hybrid systems are complex and consist of:
  • PV generator,
  • solar charge controller,
  • grid-tie inverter (depending on the type of the installation),
  • hybrid inverter,
  • batteries,
  • mounting frames,
  • protections for DC.
As one of the few companies in Poland we specialize in designing customized hybrid installations. Our solutions are used by customers who have already had PV installations and want to improve their efficiency, as well as customers planning an assembly of PV installation.
Solar Energy Storage Systems – What are they?

Electricity generated by the photovoltaic installation and energy consumed by the building are never equal. That creates temporary surpluses or shortages of energy which have to be either send back to the grid or compensated. There is one more solution – surpluses can be stored and used when the current electricity consumption exceeds the amount of energy generated by the installation.

A solution for efficient storage and use of surplus energy are professional solar energy storage systems. They consist of:

  • Li-ion battery, which stores energy surplus;
  • inverter/charger,
  • solar charge controller, converts DC voltage from the solar array into a voltage suitable to charge the battery,
  • PV inverter, which converts DC voltage from the solar array into AC voltage suitable to power the AC.

An energy storage system is an optional element of the photovoltaic installation, and as such can be fitted in both existing and new installations. Planning assembly of a photovoltaic installation ask your designer to include in the project an energy storage system that will match your needs.

Selecting the optimal energy storage system depends on many factors. If you want to know more read the article Solar Energy Storage Systems - how to choose?

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