Photovoltaics – what and for whom?
Photolvoltalic cells are still confused with solar thermal collectors, what may lead to misunderstandings between the client interested in a certain installation and the company responsible for its design and assembly.
Choice of the type of installation depends on our individual needs and expectations. If we want to use solar energy to heat water we should focus on solar thermal collectors. If, however, we would like to convert solar energy into electricity we ought to pay our attention to photovoltaic cells and PV installations and systems.
Photovoltaics is a branch of science and technology focused on converting sunlight into electricity using so-called photovoltaic phenomenon taking place in the cells. The phenomenon is based on the emergence of the electromotive force – the factor causing current flow – in solid under the influence of light radiation. Generally speaking, photovoltaics is a process of generating electricity from sunlight.
It’s good to notice that PV installations can be used for simultaneous generation of electricity and heat.