Steca SG 4013 coolcept3-fleX

Grid inverter 4,0 kW StecaGrid 4013 coolcept³ fleX 1 MPPT IP65 3-phase

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Steca SG 4013 coolcept3-fleXSteca SG 4013 coolcept3-fleXzł3,567.00

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Steca SG 4013 coolcept3-fleX

The coolcept inverter topology has been implemented in StecaGrid single-phase inverters, achieving maximum efficiency thanks to the simplicity of the circuits. The coolcept3-fleX three-phase inverters gain an advantage over other inverters thanks to the same innovative solution. High peak efficiency translates into low heat generation, and this affects the long service life of the electronic components of the device. The three-phase topology of these inverters allows the device to control the reactive power level, thus meeting future requirements.

The use of modern components with maximum efficiency in coolcept3 fleX inverters ensures that losses are minimized, thus guaranteeing a longer service life of the devices. The robust IP65 enclosure enables the inverter to be installed both indoors and outdoors and its special design prevents leakage currents

Distinguishing features:

  • Maximum efficiency 98%
  • Input voltage range 250 to 800 V
  • The inverter design prevents DC leakage currents
  • Optimized management of the effects of shade
  • Ambient temperature range: -25°C to +60°C
  • Faults indicated by light and description on the display
  • Smart active cooling
  • Charging electric cars directly from the installation

Operation and installation:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly thanks to the clip-on mounting plate
  • The DC switch disconnects the positive and negative inputs simultaneously
  • Connections available without opening the housing
  • Communication via LAN and RS 485 by default
  • IP65 rating
  • Dimensions 399 x 657 x 222 mm


  • Monitoring of system operation via the internet
  • Monitoring of power status and grid parameters on the display
  • Clear graphical control panel
  • Data storage in internal memory for up to 30 years
  • Noise level 29 dBA
  • Maintenance service in Poland
  • 5-year warranty

Example pictures of Steca inverter monitoring in the Powerdoo application  ( The pictures demonstrate monitoring of energy production and consumption on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In addition, you can see a graphical comparison of the correct operation of multiple inverters in 1 installation, a comparison of the yield with Steca inverters within a 50 km radius, and a graphical representation of the installation’s kWh/kW capacity per day or month.



Grid inverter
Power [W]
Product warranty
5 years
Euro efficiency [%]
Max. efficiency [%]
Max. voltage [V]
Max. MPPT voltage [V]
Min. MPPT voltage [V]
Initial feed-in voltage [V]
Max. current [A]
Maksymalny prąd zwarciowy na MPPT
Feed-in phases
Number of MPPT inputs
Weight [kg]
Communication type
Dimensions [mm]
399 x 657 x 227

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