5,5 kW Kostal PLENTICORE plus 5.5 - 3 MPPT 3-phase grid inverter

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The PLENTICORE plus converts solar energy into household electricity, stores it and then efficiently distributes it: it forms the heart of every system.

The most efficient hybrid inverter is suitable for every application

PLENTICORE plus: the name says it all. The three-phase hybrid inverter is always the right choice thanks to its various fields of application, be it for power generation with up to 3 MPP trackers or for additional storage of the self-generated energy.

It's not only possible to store solar power, but also the energy generated by a CHP. The battery can be connected immediately during installation or simply retrofitted later.

The PLENTICORE plus all-rounder is always the perfect solution

Our all-rounder takes PV power generation and energy use in the home to a whole new level. Self-learning shadow management delivers the best possible PV yields even in cloudy weather. And the 3 MPP trackers not only make retrofitting a PV storage unit child's play, they also means that roof alignment is no longer a big issue for generating PV energy.

Perfectly equipped for every application with the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter transfers the direct current generated to the storage system. It can process the current from the solar modules as well as other connected AC sources, such as a wind turbine.

The most efficient PV storage system for every application

Save on energy costs and protect the environment with the PLENTICORE plus in combination with the BYD battery box.

In combination with the BYD battery box, PLENTICORE plus achieved top marks for system efficiency among PV storage systems in several performance classes. This was tested at the independent 2020 Energy Storage Inspection by HTW Berlin.

Furthermore, as a hybrid inverter, the PLENTICORE plus offers optimum acquisition costs. Unlike with pure battery inverters, no additional devices are required because PLENTICORE plus takes over the energy management of the PV system and the battery at the same time. This means that acquisition costs can be reduced effectively.

Protect the environment

In addition to the potential for electricity cost savings, photovoltaic systems with efficient storage systems also contribute towards environmental protection. After all, a system's efficiency is decisive in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

By making the greatest possible use of self-generated solar power and dispensing with conventional power from fossil fuels, highly efficient PV storage systems can bring CO2 savings compared to a PV system without battery storage.

Distinguishing features:

  • Fast, self-learning shadow management that adapts individually to the installation site
  • PV hybrid inverter with battery input that can be optionally activated
  • Compatible with Smart Home and EEBus on board
  • Additional battery charging via AC energy sources
  • Extended MPP range with up to 3 MPP trackers: perfect for repowering
  • Free Solar Portal and Solar App for monitoring the PV system

Installation monitoring application for KOSTAL products (in German)



Grid inverter
Hybrid inverter
Power [W]
Product warranty
5 years (2 + 3 after registration on the manufacturer's website)
Euro efficiency [%]
Max. efficiency [%]
Max. voltage [V]
Max. MPPT voltage [V]
Min. MPPT voltage [V]
Initial feed-in voltage [V]
Max. current [A]
Maksymalny prąd zwarciowy na MPPT
Maximum output current [A]
Feed-in phases
Number of MPPT inputs
Weight [kg]
Communication type
Dimensions [mm]
405 x 563 x 233

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